I love cam sessions! I will play with you in a steaming hot mutual video - weeing, edging, anal masturbation - even with a giant dildo.. I can even wee on myself whilst...
Sexy body-cam with Sophie
30 min

*Now doing sexy video calls!

"I would love to play with you in a steaming hot mutual cam session -  and keep the beast calm till quarantine is over!! I'm real fun. Weeing, edging, anal masturbation - even with a dildo  and props.... and seeing you and your gorgeous weapon are most welcome.. I wanna see you cum! Yum!

Sophie xxx"

The process is simple - once you book I will call you with Skype at the booked in time.

Just fill it in the comments of the purchase with  your Skype user details. Sophie will check in with you at the start about the session style you would like and she is happy to take instructions during the session.

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Meet Sophie ~

Glamorous Northern NSW transsexual delight

" Hey hunnies! you found me! Thanks for checking me out! I'm so excited to play with you.."

The basics - Sophie is 28,  of athletic build,  an Australian born Italian, has model looks, and is beautifully smooth and sensual.

Sophie will make your day and have you coming back for more with her full lips, long legs, bubble butt and cheeky and sweet nature.

"What do you mean by trans?"

Sophia is early transitioning male to female - on hormones, small chested, still with male equipment, but personifies female elegance and qualities in her dress, nature and attention to her men.  Great for men who want the pampering, and love the femininity  - but a little curious or love the best of both worlds!

Sophie can be all about the girl and keep her front panties tightly concealed, or your welcome to try something different, experiment with a lovely groomed and handsome tool.

What to expect - 

Sophie offers a sanctuary and discreet safe space in her 3 bedroom house in the country to explore your desires, fantasies or find some stress relief in the form of holistic erotic massage and more. There is a massage table which you can jump on straight away and get a warm deep rub to relax you, then Sophia flips you over if you like and shows your her oral skills before inviting you to move into the bedroom.  

You can have a sip of wine ( a bottle of red is kept in the house to offer you a little glass if your nervous) and chat then jump straight into bed in more of a girlfriend experience. Sophie also loves giving a sexy little dance showing off her bottom.

Music is playing, candles are lit, fresh towels are ready.

The premises is easy to find and private. She will answer the door in sexy attire and treat you like a king.


She understands if your nervous and will make sure its a perfect experience! She wants you to enjoy every minute ( no limit on cumming).

About the girl - 

Sophie is a classically trained pianist and has a retro up-market European style.


Her name is after Sophia Loren. 

Her gifts include amazing natural deep-throat, she's incredibly passionate and  has the sexiest bum you have ever seen! 


She's also a holistic and happy girl and invested in this work as a skilled, intelligent practitioner.

Favorite color - Gold (and pastel Pink)

Favorite perfume - Eternity

Favorite attire - Lacy slips and heels

Favorite Jewel  - Pearls

Favorite food -  Chicken

Lipstick color -  Deep Plum

Favorite flower - Pink Rose

Favorite music - Bach/Pachebel

Most inspired by - Audrey Hepburn

Favorite saying " Love is the essence of beauty"

Likes in a man - manners and simplicity and warmth

Peeves - hagglers,  time wasters and photo collectors

Nature - submissive and sweet

Sophie works from  a sweet little town called Kyogle, a thirty minute scenic drive north of Lismore / Casino, and Byron / Lennox / Ballina/ Grafton/ Uki/  ~ just over an hour away.

Its a beautiful drive!

CURRENTLY VIDEO CALLS ONLY $50 for 30 mins.. please book at the top of this page!

Prices - 

             $100  - 30 mins

              $150  - 45 mins

              $200  - 1 hr

              $350   - 2 hrs

              $1200 - All day or overnight *

             (8hrs day, 10hrs night)

             Arrangements available.

                "Yum! come at me boys! xx"

Upgrades (notice required)

Prices in addition to session - 

Keep her panties              $100

Keep  her stockings          $50

Golden shower                 $100

Spanking*                        $100 

*( 15 mins of an hr booking allocated )

Play in panties too ( byo) $100

Do your make up too    $100

Gift ideas  -

Chiffon Scarves


Lindt Chocolate

Quality red wine


" I'm really looking forward to taking your booking!

Sophie xxx"


info -Sophiabelle888@gmail.com